After three decades Terrazza Brunelleschi evolves in B-Roof.

This transformation is part of a profound process of redefinition of its own identity, which Carattere Toscano has undertaken following to a brand new group philosophy.

Our new logotype displays a firm claim of personality, in order to avoid overlaying with the identity of the Grand Hotel Baglioni, therefore showing itself “independent” and provided with its own “Carattere” (personality).


We have given strength to the letter B, which proudly takes the scene (after all, we are on top of the Grand Hotel Baglioni!), with a hyphen on top of it defining the location (the summit) and leant on the word “Roof”, to highlight its vocation to a “noble” vision.


B-Roof: an amazin evolution of a unique history.



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Via Diacceto, 34
53100 Siena (Italy)