A new look for Carattere Toscano

The rebranding that Carattere Toscano has undertaken is a balance between our need to give strength and leading position to the brand and the will to keep their identity into every single facility, as they all are already well recognizable but not yet organized according to a “system of codes”.


As we strongly believe that Carattere Toscano is synonymous of good taste, we have started from the typical rules of the classic aesthetics, with the declared ambition to express, with the sign, that modernity which will allow our brands to last in time.

This project has been developed with the deep respect of the intuitions of a past that still astounds us and from which we come from, as much as having a vision of all the perceptional mutations that await for us in the future.


Into a Tuscany scenario that has been narrated and stables in any ways, Carattere Toscano commits to give details and perspectives that you can barely imagine.

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Sede legale
Via Diacceto, 34
53100 Siena (Italy)