New Oltrarno I88I Apartments

The Carattere Toscano Group is continuing to grow with the opening of Oltrarno I88I Apartments (scheduled for 2021) on the horizon. The new complex will consist of nine apartments located in a historic building in Piazza de' Nerli, the heart of the San Frediano district of Florence. Unusual and characteristic, they have recently been renovated and are characterised by their practical yet elegant furnishings, the highest quality natural materials and the advanced technology of the devices available to our guests.


Our proposal for a "trip to Tuscany" is therefore enhanced with a new element thanks to this beautiful holiday home located in the most vibrant area of Florence. In fact, this district was recently named one of the 10 coolest neighbourhoods in the world by the famous Lonely Planet travel guide. A unique district in the heart of Florence, this area stands out both for its links with tradition, as demonstrated by the historic craft workshops, as well as for its futuristic vision. Florence’s many shops and restaurants - which are original yet innovative in terms of their furnishings and gastronomic offerings - are the most obvious symbol of this fusion.


Oltrarno I88I Apartments is the ideal choice to discover an unusual and ever-changing Florence with the slow and conscious rhythm of a traveller who seeks and not of a tourist who finds.

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